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What is Online Sexual Therapy?


Sexual therapy is a unique, online consultation where sexual problems are solved as a result of a series of therapeutic conversations, using a well-proven program.

It is a solution to the problems that cause the greatest failure in Sexuality!


Sexual Therapy is a program for ladies, gentlemen, and couples, that provides solutions to problems such as lack of orgasm, painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, erection problems, erection loss, cold relationship, no sexual desire, etc.

Why is it so effective? How does it work?



Sexual Therapy is a cognitive therapy where we do not focus on past life events and their analysis.

By observing now how the body works, and why it reacts in this way, we teach it to function in a completely different way. With the help of this method, we create a new, better-functioning Sexuality for the end of the program!

How I can help for you? 


Sexual Therapy for LADIES

After anamnesis, in case of the following problems: decreased sexual desire • intimacy problems • lack of orgasm • painful intercourse • vaginismus


Sexual Therapy for MEN

After anamnesis, in case of the following problems: erectile dysfunction • premature ejaculation • reduced sexual desire • intimacy issues and orgasm problems

Sexual Therapy for COUPLES

What happens if the relationship has sexual problems? or when there is a lack of desire? With the help of a proven intimacy-focused couples therapy program, the fire can be reignited!

Why you should not wait?

I can say with absolute certainty based on my experience, that sexual problems do not go away or get solved by themselves, in fact, they only get worse over time.



Therefore, those who reach out for early help are the bravest ones, who have already taken the first step in order to change!


I am going to support you in the therapeutic process:

Krisztina Salamon

I am a Sexual Therapist.

I graduated as an economist and later specialized in marketing. Following a completely new challenge, I obtained a qualification as a Sexual Therapist at a postgraduate course accredited by Semmelweis (Medical) University.

I live in Vienna, I have been dealing with Online Sexual Therapy for years.

I have extensive multicultural experience.

About the results..


It is important to share the words of those, who have already walked this path with me, having given up their original problem, and continuing to live their sex life happily and liberated!

Of course, I will publish the Patients’ opinions preserving their anonymity, without names, only indicating their gender and age!

All reviews are real, from former patients!

I am also grateful to them for sharing their experiences!

Krisztina Salamon

Sexual Therapist

I think that the therapy worked wonders for me, I feel much better than before, not only because of the therapy, but it also helped a lot. Sexuality became much more important in my life, I managed to eliminate my frustrations and I function much better in many areas of my life!

V. 40 year old Man

The whole therapy itself was fantastic. Personally, I would do it again and again….. In every difficult moment, the help was there when I needed it.

I could talk about everything openly, honestly, and in my own style and language, in which Krisztina was an absolute partner. The fact that I could talk so honestly about my male problems with such a beautiful and smart woman was just icing on the cake.

F. 46 year old Man

Before that, I felt terribly uncomfortable, embarrassed. It was difficult to talk about these things to a stranger, but I managed. Afterwards, I breathed a sigh of relief that there was a solution. After each meeting I was more positive and energetic than before. Krisztina’s attitude and helpful words meant a lot to me! The therapy gave me something that I can use in the long term, not just for sex, but for my whole life! I think that’s the most important thing.

F., 26 year old Man

I was a bit nervous before it, as I had to talk about topics that I might not share with anyone else. This quickly dissipated, we managed to provide an atmosphere of trust very quickly.

The difference between our relationship is heaven and earth! Before that, there was a lot of uncertainty about the future, which would have slowly consumed the person.
Now there is complete mutual understanding and certainty about the future. Desire has rekindled on both sides, all that remains is fine-tuning. 🙂

K. és B. Couple Therapy

How am I different? Why choose me?

mert ...


  • As a former business consultant and entrepreneur, I am results-oriented, so I don’t allow anyone to lose or stop the therapy they have started.
  • I will help and support you along the way.
  • I won’t let go of your hand and will guide you along the way so that everyone who voted for me will reach the goal!
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Everyone has a point where they get tired and want to give up!

. . . and that’s when a good Therapist comes into the picture, who gets you through the point where someone gets stuck, and then everything will work smoothly and perfectly again.

I will help and support you in this way!