Sexy Inspirations Krisztina Salamon dipl. Sexualtherapist

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The Art of Love can be learned!

I believe that Everybody has rights for Intimacy and good sex!!  
  • Sexuality is a result of an instinctive AND  learned process! It means it can be developed further by practice and right education.

About me

After many years of marketing & sales consultancy career, following a new challenge, I started my Postgraduate Studies at Semmelweis (Medical) University, where I obtained a Sexual Therapist Diploma. . I'm an active member of the Sexology Science Society.
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My mission is to teach couples to freely love, to enjoy the wonders of intimacy and to solve potential problems on the way as therapists.   My specialty is the Intimacy Focus Pair Therapy and Women's or Men's Individual Therapy.   If you have any sexual problems, we will find the most appropriate solution!



How can I help?
Individual Sexualtherapy . (Woman or Man)
After thorough Anamnesis I make individual therapy for the following sexual problems: • erectile dysfunctions (ED) • premature ejaculation • lost libido • intimacy issues • an-orgasmia • painful intercourse • vaginism
Couple Sexualtherapy
After discovering the possible causes through the Anamnesis conversations I make an individual, intimacy focused plan for couples where they can  build up or gain back again the joyful sexuality what was lost during the years.

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