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Salamon Krisztina, Szexuálterapeuta

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Salamon Krisztina Szexuálterapeuta

Only one step ahead…

Thank you for your trust!

I know that taking the first step is always the most difficult, overcoming problems, reaching out, and using external help for what you haven’t found a solution to yet!

But the good news is that after that the process will speed up, and the solution will arrive faster than you think!

That is exactly why I am terribly proud of each and every one of my patients, by choosing me they set out on the path of change, and they faced one of the biggest challenges of their lives and turned to me!

I promise that I will do everything professionally to find the best solution for your problem!


Please enter your information in the form below. In order to finalize the appointment, I will call you back as soon as possible at the phone number provided.

I’m looking forward hearing from you!

Best regards:

Krisztina Salamon
Sexual Therapist

Online Szexuálterápia Salamon Krisztina

Payment and cancellation conditions

  • The Sexual Therapy consultation is conducted ONLINE, in the form of a secure video call (in a password-protected ZOOM room, or on SKYPE, Messenger). We will discuss the options during the appointment.

    Online sexual therapy can take place after payment in advance. The full amount must be paid no later than 24 hours before the agreed time. If the amount is not received, the date will be canceled automatically.

    The duration of the consultation is 50 minutes.
    The fee for the sexual therapy consultation is €80

    It is possible to change or cancel the appointment no later than 4 p.m. the day before the consultation.
    Cancellation of the appointment is free once, after which the full consultation fee must be transferred.

    Please fill out the form below!



With the application, I declare that I am acting in my own name, that I made this consent voluntarily, without any external influence, in the knowledge of the written information below and the relevant legal provisions, and I also accept the payment and cancellation conditions detailed above! ............ (Please click YES!)

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What do you need for the online consultation? 

Stable Internet connection

› Computer or smartphone

› Video calling program (Messenger / Skype / ZOOM)

› Occasionally 60-70 minutes of undisturbed time, when we can freely talk about the problem without limits

The rest will be up to me!

What happens during Sexual Therapy? 

The first meeting is intended for getting to know each other and exploring the problem.

I ask questions in order to better understand the cause of the problem and the mechanism of its development. Then we discuss the course of therapy and set goals.

It is important to know that sexual therapy consists of an online consultation and written and physical exercises to be performed at home, which we constantly discuss how it is progressing.

This is expert accompaniment, guidance and protection at the same time!